SSFFL Covid 19 Safety Guidelines

Playing In A Safe Enviroment

UpdatedThursday August 27, 2020 bySSFFL.

South Shore Flag Football League

Covid-19 Guidelines


We are asking you to please respect the following guidelines to help us provide a safe environment for our players, coaches, and fans. We appreciate your commitment to the South Shore Flag Football League, and we are looking forward to a fun and successful season.


  1. If you or someone in your house is not feeling well, please stay home. We understand that everyone is excited to get out and play, but let’s be respectful of the situation and times we are now experiencing.

  2. If you or your child have a temperature of 100° or higher please refrain from attending any games, meetings or practices.

  3. Our game referees and staff are going to be required to wear face coverings while on the field. This includes coaches who are in direct contact with the players while in the huddle or on the sideline.

  4. Players are NOT required to wear face coverings while playing. However, we ask that everyone has a face covering while entering and exiting the field.

  5. Both teams will be provided with a “sanitizing station” that they can use throughout the game. Teams and fans will be positioned on opposite sides of the field. Each sideline will include a “team box” that will give players and coaches plenty of empty space to use when they aren’t on the field.

  6. We will no longer have a coin toss or team handshakes at the end of each game. Coaches will be made aware of the game scenarios (offense/defense) prior to each week.

  7. We ask that all players avoid unnecessary contact with each other while playing (handshakes, high fives, etc). Players are encouraged to come up with “socially distanced” alternatives so they can still have fun with their teammates, while also respecting our guidelines.

  8. All spectators should wear face coverings while entering and leaving the field. Families must do their best to create their own “socially distanced” space while in attendance. Please avoid walking through other groups during the game and when entering or leaving the field.

  9. Our games will be scheduled further apart so we do not have any issues with teams entering and exiting the fields at the same time.

  10. In order to limit the number of people on the field at one time we are not allowing teams to have practices before games. However, teams will be given 15 minutes to warm up before they play. Unfortunately, because of our limitations with spectators, all team members must leave the field once their game is finished.

  11. Please try to limit the number of people you bring to each game so we can provide a comfortable environment for all of our players, staff and fans.


We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation to these

guidelines and we are looking forward to another amazing season.